The system allows a precise Waggon-number for each individual object. The enumeration of the individual Waggon-number makes the history of the project comprehensive and transparent.
Carts and Waggons
Example: Waggon No.

2 ... Order
1 ... Class
18-22 ... Numbers of rolls
2 ... Generation
a ... Group
Order 1: (C)arts and (W)aggons are autonomous.

2: Construction of the (CW) adapts to architectonic and other situations.
Class 1: Construction of geometrical structure.

2: Construction of geometrical structure and also in structure of the Informel.

3: Construction in structure of the Informel.
Number of rolls
The rolls, individual numbered are enumerated in rising order.
Each Cart/Waggon has at least one roll.
Generation 1: (CW) at least with one roll which is used for the first time (First-Roll).

>1 (2,3,..): (CW) without a First-Roll.

Each assembled or disassembled roll defines a new (CW)..

The generationnumber, derives from the highest generationnumber of its most similar predecessor.
Group a: (CW) with rolls of only one predecessor(CW).

b: (CW) with rolls of more than one predecessor(CW).
System: GŁnter Puller, Christian Ziehengraser
Copyright © 1997-2021 GŁnter Puller

Current number of Carts & Waggons: 44
Current number of assembled rolls and wheels: 64